Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Baubles for Christmas - things I'm making.

Hi there!  Hope you have had a gorgeous day!
I just thought I'd pop these photos on here because I am enjoying making Christmas Baubles at the moment and aren't those colours just lovely together!   I haven't made these for a few years and am really having fun with all the colour play.  The end of the year is coming up so fast, it feels too early to be thinking about Christmas, but it will be here before you know it!  So this is me being organised and Getting Things Done Early! :)

Have you started to think about Christmas yet?

I am planning on writing up this pattern tomorrow as I am having a bauble workshop on Saturday,
so I thought I might pop a few bauble kits in the shop next week, and put the pattern in my Ravelry shop if anyone would like to make some of their own...... well that's the plan anyway, fingers crossed it will happen!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dotty Flower Hexies

Hi there! 
I hope your having a great day. :) 
Today I thought I'd share a pattern that I've had tucked away for a few months, it is an extension of my Dotty Flower pattern, by adding a couple of rounds I have turned them into hexagons that can be joined and made into blankets, cushion covers or whatever you like! 
It is quick and easy and I really like how they turn out!

I'm using US terminlogy, so for Australian/UK terms, 
sc = dc, 
dc = tr, 
tr = dtr, 
dtr = trtr

(I'll pop the original flower pattern here too, to make things a bit easier.  If you want to check out the whole tutorial with photos you can find them in the original post over here.)

Dotty Flower

4 mm hook, small quantities of 8ply/DK yarn in 3 colours

Special instructions:  

2dc Cluster: Yo, insert hook in stitch, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops ( 2 loops left on hook) , yo, insert hook in same stitch, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops (3 loops left on hook) , yo and pull through all loops on hook. 

Petal Cluster: Step 1- *Yo twice, insert hook into 2 ch space, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through 2 loops, leave last loop on hook ( 2 loops on hook) * .  
Repeat * to *  (3 loops on hook) 
Step 2 - Yo 3 times, insert hook in skipped stitch of round 1, yo and pull up a loop, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through 2 loops, yo and pull through 2 loops, leave last loop on hook  ( 4 loops on hook) 
Repeat Step 1 into the same 2 ch space ( 6 loops on hook) .
Step 3- Yo and pull through all loops on hook. 


Chain 4, slip stitch into 1st chain to form a ring.

Round 1: ch2 (does not count as a stitch), 12 dc into ring, slip stitch join to 1st dc, fasten off. 

Round 2:  Join next colour to any stitch, ch2, make a 2dc cluster into same stitch, *ch2, skip 1 stitch, make a 2dc cluster in next stitch, * .  Repeat * to * 4 more times, to make 6 cluster, ending with 2ch and slip stitch join to 1st cluster. Fasten off.

Round 3: Join next colour to any 2ch space.  *Ch 4, make a petal cluster, ch 4, slip stitch into same 2 ch space, slip stitch into next 2ch space. *  Repeat * to * making 6 petals around the flower in the 2 ch spaces of previous round. Slip stitch into 1st space to join, fasten off and weave in all threads. 
All finished! :) 

.....and here are the extra 2 rows: 

Dotty Flower Hexagon:

Background Rd 1: Join background colour to top of any petal, Ch1,  *3sc in same stitch in top of petal,  5tr in stitch on top of  Round 2 dots*,    Repeat * to * 5 times,  slip stitch to 1st sc. 

Background Round 2:  Ch1,  Make 1 sc in each stitch of previous round, except in the corners of the hexagon where you make 3 sc in the same stitch, ( this will be the middle stitch of 3sc in top of each petal) 
Join with slip stitch to first sc. Bind off. 

.........In this photo you can see the 5 trebles in between each petal and how it should look after the 2 rounds.

.......and here you can see the 3sc in the top of each petal in the first round.   In the final round, the corner are made by making  3sc  into the middle stitch of these 3 stitches of the first round.

So that is the Dotty Flower Hexie, I am thinking of making a couple of pillow cases for our bed with these hexies, I think it would be lovely and colourful. 

Happy days to you! 

Talk soon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Around my place lately...

1. I seem to be constantly making crochet flowers, luckily they are fairly quick and I get to play with lots of colour! 

2. A bag full of booties, these were an attempt to build some stock up for the market season, another fun thing to make, with lots of colour play!  :)  (Pattern: Galilee Booties by Mamachee)

3. Lovely Zara 8ply fine merino, I'm having a little sale in my shop with 20% off Zara, Charly 14ply, and Sportwool 8ply

4 + 5. I've been making a new stripy triangle bunting, I really like these elongated flags in the gelato colours of MoYa Cotton, I think I'll stick the pattern up here, might be a nice thing to make for Christmas decorating or gifting. :) 

6. Frank and Tiger have decided they like to have their day long naps as close to each other as possible, in this instance they squished onto my little cushion, it doesn't look very comfy! 

7. finishing things off for the market last weekend .....

8. ....and my stall at the Emu Plains Market last Saturday, I love this market, so many beautiful stalls to check out!  It was a bit windy on the day, but we managed not to blow away! :) 

9.  Spring pickings from my flower garden, I love this time of year, the freesias and tulips have been fabulous and now sweetpeas and poppies are starting! :) 

It's been a while since I've been around here on my blog, it's tricky juggling all the different social media, I find myself neglecting the blog, despite my good intentions the days just slip away!! 

Anyway, what have you been up to?  
Getting some crafty time to yourself?  


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More than a Granny 2

Hello!  How is your week going? 
As usual time is flying by for me, I feel like the days are just not long enough! 

Today I want to share with you an exciting project that a hooky friend of mine has been doing.  You probably know of the super talented Shelley from the blog Spincushions, but if you don't, Shelley is an amazing crocheter and designer who comes up with gorgeous granny squares and CALs, and is so prolific and productive with her design work, I am in awe of her time management!! (It is really worth having a look around her website, there are lots of interesting patterns and information to check out.)

Well, Shelley has recently released her follow up ebook to the very popular 'More Than A Granny', it's called 'More Than A Granny 2'
I have been lucky enough to have a play with the patterns in her new ebook, there are 20 great designs to choose from, all coming out the same size so you can mix and match. :)  
I chose this pretty square called Bess, it was fun to make, the instructions are clear, (there are written and charted instructions) and Shelley's patterns always seem to have really neat finishes. 
I am thinking a blanket in this square would look so pretty! 

Shelley uses a blue palette for her squares and they look gorgeous all made in one colour scheme, but you know me, I like a lot of colour and contrast, so went with some of my favourite colours in Cascade Ultra Pima cotton - poppy red, china pink, lime and cool mint. (These are available in my shop over here, just saying ;)  ) 

 ...... These are some photos of the new squares with some older ones that I have made from Shelley's other ebooks, 'More than A Square' and 'Flowers Abound', I love them all together, so happy and colourful! 
I think a mixed square blanket is definitely on my to do list! 

If you'd like to read more about "More than a Granny 2' have a look over here.

This is the cover page of the ebook, look at how great they look in blues, mine look so different, not worse just different! :)  It's amazing how colour can change a pattern! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Workshopping :)

Hello!  How was your weekend?  Good I hope!

It was a busy one around here, I held the first of my 'Mini Makings' workshops on Saturday, and it was a fun afternoon. I almost forgot to take a few photos, but remembered just in time and got these few shots while everyone was hooking away on there necklace bits and pieces.  
It was a lovely chatty afternoon and I think all the girls had fun too! ( I hope so anyway! :) ) 
Ten lovely ladies came to my workshop, my little space was pretty full despite my best efforts at creating space! It was ok though, as they were all so friendly and helpful to each other, they didn't seem to mind the rather cramped space, crafty types really are fabulous people! 

 I think we are growing a  fabulous local crafting community around here, it is such a great thing to be part of, so nice to find like minded peeps to share some crafty times. :) 
Thank you so much for coming everyone, it was great to share some hooky love with such a lovely group of girls, 
The second  workshop is happening next weekend, so hopefully I won't be quite as nervous and it will be just as much fun for my next class of lovelies! 


......concentrating on little stitches......

.....but still smiling!  :) ......

..........and still everyone was smiling, a good sign I think! :) ............

Have you got a big week ahead? 
Are you doing something fun? 
Are you getting time for any crafty action?

I'll show you some things I've been working on recently, hopefully I'll have some new crochet finished soon!  There are so many things to make on my to-do list I don't know where to begin!! 

Talk soon!


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Yarny Love Club and Mini Making Workshop

Hello there! I hope you're having a good day! 

I wanted to tell you that I have opened sign ups for the Spring 2016 Yarny Love Club. heres a bit of info about the Club if you've never heard of it before.

The Yarny Love Club is a subscription box for people who enjoy yarn (that would be everybody, right?) .

By joining my Yarny Love Club you are signing up to receive 1 
parcel per month for 3 months,(September, October, November) so 3 parcels in total.  Each parcel will contain at least 100g of beautiful, premium quality yarn, project/pattern suggestions from Ravelry for crochet and knitting, and crafty treats specially for my club members.(Such as ribbons, labels, buttons, stitch markers, washi tape, stickers, handmade embellishments, or anything else I think might be a cute addition!)
  Your parcel will be a surprise each month, and hopefully will be a great way to try some beautiful yarns!

The cost for Australians
 is $120.00, which is for September, October and November, and includes postage. :) 
The cost for Americans and Canadians is AU$150.00 including standard Airmail postage.

I will be sending out the yarn club parcels in the first week of each month, you can sign up by emailing me and I will send you a Paypal invoice for the subscription, or you can pay through direct deposit, or you can buy a subscription from my shop here .  Your membership is not  secured until payment has been made. There are limited places for this Yarn Club, sign ups close 31st
(or earlier if full),
so get in quick!

PS.I want you to love your yarny parcels, so when you email, tell me your colour preferences if colour is important to you


I have one more thing to share with you today, I am holding a couple of Mini Making Workshops soon, to make a crochet necklace with fine threads.   I put this up on Instagram yesterday, and both dates are nearly full, but I thought I'd let you know about it here too, just because I think my sign turned out pretty cute! :)  The cost is $45 a heads including materials and afternoon tea. :) 

Sorry to be so wooly business focused today, but I am trying to hold a few more workshops and classes and this is a great place to put the info for people to find. 

That's about it for now, I'll be back soon with some other interesting things I'm sure! :) 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Chunky Sunburst Granny Blanket

Hello there. 
I hope you're having a lovely day! 

This is a blanket that I finished a while ago and while I have shared it on Instagram, I don't think I ever got around to showing it on here. So if you've already seen this on Instagram I apologise, but I like to share things over here too, it's kind of like a diary of my crochet that I can check back on when I need to make something again. :) 

The yarn I have used is MoYa Bulky Plush Organic Cotton, it's a chunky weight so you use a 10mm hook.  I loved how quickly these squares worked up in the Bulky Plush.  I only needed 12 squares and I had a decent sized baby blanket! I used around 1 ball each of the colours in the centres, and 6 balls of cream for the background colour, plus 1 ball of the border colour.  That is quite a lot of yarn, so this is a rather special blanket, but I am really happy with how it's turned out! 

I'm thinking of making a pillow in the same pattern and yarn, with 6 squares, so rectangular, and maybe with a vintage blanket for the back side......., I think they'd look great on a bed!  Or even a square cushion made from 4 of these squares on the front would look awesome. :) 

So many ideas, not enough hours! :) 

Have a great day, talk soon!